Rules of the game

To participate in the betting game, you must place your bet before the relevant match - exactly before kick-off at the latest. Points are automatically awarded for every bet after the conclusion of the match. These points appear immediately on your personal betting status. Please see below for the special rules regarding bonus questions!


Awarding of points for match results:

6 points
Wow, you really know your stuff: you got the result completely correct!

4 points
The result is proportionally correct, but not exactly!
The correct team won and your predicted goal difference between both teams is the same as the actual result. When the match results in a draw, the goal difference between both teams and the result may not be more than 1.

2 points
You had the correct direction, but the result was not correct!
Your preferred team won, but the goal difference between both teams is not the same as the actual result. In the event of a draw, the goal difference between both teams and the final result is greater than 1.

0 points
A complete miss! You backed the wrong horse entirely!

Please note that the official final result including extra time and penalty shoot-outs always applies.



Awarding of points for answering additional bonus questions

Boost your match prediction results by correctly answering a bonus question. For every correctly answered question you receive the allotted number of points after the tournament. Answers are evaluated solely on the basis of being either 'right' or 'wrong'. Please note the expiry dates of the individual bonus questions. If the date has passed, you can no longer answer the particular bonus question. You can always find the expiry date under the relevant bonus question.'



Points awarded for the joker questions

Choose one of your tips for the preliminary and final round each time, and you'll get the exact result you want. If it turns out after the game is finished that your tip was exactly right, you will receive 10 extra points.